International transport

Our company specializes in international transport in Western and Southern Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Benelux). We own a big and modern fleet of vehicles designed for the carriage of  the shipment  the permissible payload of which does not exceed 3, 5  tons . We also organize international transport from 1,5 up to 24 tons. We process full- truck, partial and express orders. We especially recommend full truckloads to large companies and institutions. Partial truckloads, by the added load, enable the carriage of a few orders by one means of transport which lowers the costs. It is an optimal solution for smaller companies and private individuals who need more frequent deliveries of smaller amount of goods. Regardless of the order, we guarantee timeliness of deliveries. Reliability and effectiveness of our services have been appreciated by many clients.

and pallets for exchange. An experienced team of drivers will properly secure the shipment and will safely transport the goods to the destination. We hold the Carrier’s Liability Insurance with a high amount of cover (EUR 250 000) covering various kinds of risk and conditions which makes international transport even safer. Our modern and reliable fleet of vehicles has a valid technical inspection and necessary certificates. We are constantly available and we offer a wide range of semi-trailers.

Our main assets are reliability of services, openness to client’s needs, competitive rates, flexibility and constant contact. For more detailed information about international transport please contact our employees via e-mail, telephone or personally or use a contact form  on our website.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.